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What are the best premium bongs?

We stock three companies that offer the top range bongs on the market. The first is the German company ROOR. They blow all their glass on site in Germany and offer some of the top quality glass on the market. They are extremely confident with their glass so much so that they don't bubble wrap any of it when they send it out, and most importantly, we've never received a broken bong from ROOR. The second company is Abraxian. They're from the UK and they hand blow all their bongs with some of the top quality glass in the world. You can even see how they blow their glass on their Instagram! They are the most expensive bongs on our website but for good reason. You get local, top quality glass from a world renowned company. If you're looking to support local businesses and get some of the best quality glass, this is the way to go! And finally, Jaxx is an American company delivering good quality glass at a range of prices. They have a wonderful range of dabbing glass that give you amazing hits. They also offer some of the prettiest glass on the market with exciting and different designs that also find clever ways of cooling the smoke down. These three companies are truly worth your time any money. We really recommend getting the best glass you can because your smoking experience will truly be at its best. However, if you're not ready or not quite sure about spending hundreds on glass then maybe look in to our Chongz range. They make good glass bongs at great prices! And if you're just looking for a bong for the next few months, then go for our acrylic range.

How should I clean my bong?

Bongs can get dirty very quickly so it's worth buying bong brushes and solutions to make your bong as good as new! First of all, choose your solution. We offer a huge range from basic ones like Dr Green, to more advanced ones like DC Clear. So whats the difference? Well a more expensive solution like DC Clear is reusable. All you have to do is strain out all the gunk and put it back in the bottle. So this means its more of a one off payment instead of buying lots cheaper single use solutions. Second, you need a brush! This really depends on how big your bong is. There are lots off smaller brushes as well to get at those hard to reach places. We recommend buying one bigger brush and one smaller brush. This should cover your bong from top to bottom. So once you've bought all your necessary materials, soak your bong in the solution. The instructions on the back should indicate how long you should leave it to soak. When you're ready to remove the solution, use the brushes to clean the gunk. By this point you should really start to notice the difference. Finally, you want to make sure all the solution is removed and rinse thoroughly with water. Do this until your sure all the solution is gone. Now you're ready to start hitting your bong again without any unpleasant taste or gunk! Spend the time to clean your bong so it lasts longer!

Why are acrylic bongs cheap?

Cheaper bongs are often made of cheaper materials such as acrylic. This isn't to suggest they're not very good. Actually quite the opposite sometimes. Acrylic bongs can give you big hits with great flavour but there is one downside; they don't last nearly as long as glass bongs do. Acrylic is very difficult to clean properly and after a while, they start to smell. If you're a heavy bong user, an acrylic bong wont last you much longer than 5 or 6 months. However, if you just use bongs occasionally, an acrylic bong could last you up to a year or two.

Should I buy a cheap glass bong?

We offer a great range of glass bongs that are at very good prices. The reason this glass is cheap is because its made in China. Chongz, for instance, offer an amazing range of glass that's very affordable because its made in China. Our favourite bongs are Chongz because they offer an amazing range at great prices. The fact its Chinese glass makes no difference to your smoking experience and makes a big difference to your wallet. Just because its cheaper glass doesn't mean its not as good as the expensive glass bongs!

Is it safe buying a bong online?

Can you really trust buying a bong online? How do you know if its the right bong for you? Here at Shiva, we want to put your mind at rest and explain exactly what to look out for, and how we can help you buy in safety. First, look at the manufacturer of the bong. There are thousands of knock offs or cheap bongs that aren't worth your time, so we stock only the most reputable and well known companies. There are lots of wonderful brands such as ROOR, Chongz, Jaxx etc that have a huge range to choose from. Stick to what's known to make sure you know what you're getting! Second, look for a bong that suits your needs. Our website has a range of photos looking at different angles of the bongs outlining their features. Double check all the photos to make sure it has what you expect it to. The descriptions are all written to go through each feature of the bong as well! We always recommend a bong with an ice catcher and percolators to reduce the heat of the smoke giving you the biggest hit! We have hundreds of bongs to choose from so get searching! But wait, if I buy a glass bong online, isn't there a high chance of it getting smashed in transport? Well, we pack every bong with the highest attention to detail to reduce any chance of it getting broken in transport. We use top quality bubble wrap to protect any glass and to make sure you receive your bong without any breakages.

How do I look after a bong?

Our bongs are strong and tough but even the very best bongs can be damaged if they're not looked after properly. We'd like to offer you a few tips on the best way of keeping your bong as good as new! First, keep your bong somewhere safe. We offer a range of bong bags that are designed to store your bong well. It also means you can take your bong out and about with you. So if you're going to a party, bring your bong! Some bongs even come with hard cases like the Dude bongs. This gives you perfect storage that's included in the price of the bong! We all have clumsy housemates so its worth protecting your favourite glass. Second, clean your bong regularly. We've written about this in more detail so please look for ‘How to clean your bong'. A clean bong will give you the best and most tasty hits. Also, bongs can get clogged up with oils and this can lead to poor air flow. This is certainly the most important thing to do when looking after your bong. We offer a range of glass cleaning products so you can order it straight to your door whenever you want. Finally, you may be thinking that if you get an acrylic bong, you won't need to wash it out or protect it the same way as a glass bong. But if you really want to make the most out of it, we'd recommend giving it the attention it deserves. You'll save lots of money in the long run because an acrylic bong looked after well can go for years! Be kind to your bong and we promise it'll be very kind to you!

How much does a bong cost?

Prices range from small, simply bongs - such a fishbowl bong - at around £6-7, and go all the way up giant ice bongs of around £400. Those are extremes though: most bongs fall within the £20-50 range. Our range of bongs is constantly renewed and reviewed to make sure you get the best value.

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