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Vape pens

Vape pens are taking the market by storm as the new alternative to smoking! join the hype with our amazing selection of the top rated vape pens on the market. Why smoke when you can get the tastiest flavours and the biggest clouds!

Vape Pens to suit all budgets & Requirements

If you're looking to buy your first vape pen then you could be in a state of confusion before you even start vaping as there's so much to take in all at once.

You've got your atomisers & clearomisers and 0.3ohm & 1.0ohm coils and array of different liquids at different nicotine strengths and flavours. Getting started in the world of vaping can be a lot more affordable than you think, a small budget of £40 will give you a good choice of branded and reliable vape pens from brands such as GrenCo, & Atmos.

Choosing A Vape Pen On A Budget

The Atmos Optimus V2 is the new and updated version of the original Atmos Optimus and now offers a larger tank for your liquids, and extended battery life so you are never caught short in the middle of the day. The GrenCo Gumball 3000 hookah pen, Designed for E-liquids is made by the world famous GrenCo company who manfacture an awesome selection of pen styled herb and oil vapes.

Buying To Upgrade Later

If you've got a larger budget and a little more knowledge or experience in vaping then we would highly recommend looking at a Kangertech vape pen. These units perform superbly straight out of the box, but what we find really important is that should you wish to customise your Kangertech unit then we stock a range of replacement & custom parts such as Clearomisers, coils & spare batteries. And, in our London store, we stock a range of Juices chosen by our staff.

KangerTech have been the market leaders since the introduction of vape pens a few years ago, and have constantly been pushing boundaries with High quality, stylish and affordable units and accessories. They have recently introduced their new Sub tank and Sub box products which we here at Shiva believe to be top quality and somewhat revolutionary in there performance and price range.

Chasing Vaping Clouds

Once you have become accustomed to the world of Vape Pens and your search for bigger clouds and more flavour becomes too much to handle then maybe it's time to look into Sub Ohm Vaping. Sub Ohm vaping, is to vaporize your E-liquids with an atomiser that has a resistance level of less than 1.0ohms, like the Aspire Atlantis or the KangerTech SubTank. So, why Sub Ohm? Sub Ohm vaping allows for a huge amount of vapour production, and if you have seen any video online of cloud chasing you'll know how cool this is. Another positive aspect of Sub Ohm vaping is how it intensifies the flavour of your favourite E-Juice. Warmer vapour is another aspect of Sub Ohm vaping is the production of warmer vapour as it seems to replicate the experience of a traditional “analogue" cigarette.

There are a few ways to Sub Ohm, the traditional method is to use a Rebuildable Drippng Atomiser also know as aD ripper, a Rebuildable Tank Atomiser which can hold more liquid than a dripper but still offers the opportunity to wrap your own coils and Sub Ohm Tanks, such as the KangerTech Sub Tank, which are very similar to RTA's but also offer the use of disposable coils for people who do not want to wrap there own.

A small amount of caution should be taken with sub ohm vaping, as for anyone who knows a little about electronic engineering that circuits with little to no resistance can explode. That's why we here at Shiva suggest you use a regulated Box mod such as the KangerTech Sub Box which has a certain amount of safety measures in place to provide a safe and joyful experience for it's users