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Bong Accessories

Want to jazz up your bong? Or replace that stem your flatmate broke? No problem. We have everything you need right here! We try to cater for every bong so whatever the stem or bowl size, we've got you covered. Want protection for your bong? Why not check out our range of bong bags perfect for storing or taking out and about. Dirty bong? Make it look brand new with our range of cleaning solutions.

Whatever the question, we can answer it!

If you look after your bong, it will look after you! Keeping your bong in great condition is only way of getting the best out of your herbal mixtures. We stock a wide range of spares and upgrades so you can have the best smoking experiences.

Why not upgrade your bong with a glass bowl, specially designed to deal with prolonged heating for a mammoth session, or turn your small bong into a much larger beast with one of our extenders. Once you start modifying your bong its hard to stop!

Need some spare parts for your bong? Then we have you covered with a range of grommets, bases and downpipes to fit a variety of different bongs.

Cleaning your bong regularly make it more efficient and produces a cleaner, smother smoke. We have a range of specially formulated cleaners and brushes that will transform your dirty bong into a gleaming bong in no time.

So, whether youre looking to upgrade or fix your existing bong or need to clean your prised possession, our bong accessories section is for you.