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Ceramic Bongs

Want a funky design as your bong? Well look no further! These bongs can easily hide in plain sight and will jazz up any room. We have your favourite Film and TV characters and also a range of other fun designs! They are all really good value for money nearly all costing under 20 pounds. Get yours today.


Are ceramic bongs durable?

One advantage of ceramic bongs is that they are durable and long-lasting. They are also relatively easy to clean, although they may require more effort than other types of bongs due to their porous nature.

Are ceramic bongs better than other types?

Some people prefer ceramic bongs over other types of smoking devices due to their smooth and cool smoke. When the smoke passes through the water in the chamber, it is filtered and cooled, which can make the smoke less harsh on the lungs and throat. Additionally, the porous nature of ceramic can help to absorb some of the impurities in the smoke.

What are ceramic bongs like?

Ceramic bongs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be decorated with different colours and designs. They typically have a chamber for holding water, a bowl for placing the substance to be smoked, and a mouthpiece for inhaling the smoke.

Ceramic & Pot Bongs

And now for something completely different! The Chinese inventor of waterpipes could never have imagined all those centuries ago that water pipe design would come to this. The inventor would have been much more concerned with smoking pleasure and satisfaction than aesthetic appearance - anyway he could never have moulded bamboo into the shapes in this range.

If you simply can't wait for the bong to be passed to you, if queuing just isn't your bag, then grab yourself a multi pipe bong and share the joy with your mates all at once!

Multi Pipe Bongs

Ideal for a smoking party where your mates are invited. This Yoda multi pipe bong is a great piece of smoking history, also ideal for Star Wars Fans.

The ceramic bong range from Shiva is certainly different. There are five models, all with suitably descriptive names: Black Death Ceramic Bong, Ceramic Cobra Bong, Yoda Bong and Cock Bong. All items are very reasonably priced. Ceramic is a more versatile product than acrylic or glass, in that it can be moulded into various shapes, as well as being a very durable material. The manufacturer has certainly taken advantage of the ceramic versatility to produce this range of bongs, although they may not be to everyone's taste. They are, however, quite novel and will certainly find buyers.

All the items are produced predominantly in black, but the Yoda Bong is also available in two other mixed colour models. The Cock Bong is produced in black, white and brown - it may have been in the designer's mind that political correctness will make the design more acceptable! The Black Death Ceramic Bong is probably designed to put children off smoking, although, functionally, younger people will probably be safer taking up this form of smoking than starting with cigarettes.

Although this is really Shiva's novelty range, all the items have the smoking attributes of more serious bongs in other ranges. With regard to the designs, you may believe that they have some ornamental value. It is just a matter of your personal taste…. and nerve!

Cleaning tools and products, together with screens and other accessories for this range, can be obtained from Shiva and are all described on the website.

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