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Waterpipe Bongs

Not everyone wants to spend a huge amount of money on some flash glass so we've created a category of bongs that are fantastic value for money! Nearly every bong in here is under 20 pounds so you have a huge selection to choose from. Both glass and acrylic bongs will give you a great hit for a low price.

Budget Bongs

Some people might want to buy a bong as an investment and a talking point; something that will look great in their room and perhaps will eventually become a much-loved family heirloom. There's nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you just want a bong that will get the job done and won't break the bank. We have a great selection of durable acrylic waterpipes for beginners and experienced smokers alike, providing excellent value for money whether you're looking for your first bong or a reliable session bong to add to your ever-growing arsenal.

Acrylic bongs are much sturdier than glass ones, meaning you can relax and let yourself go when they're brought out at a party without having to worry that they'll break or shatter if they get dropped or knocked over. And if they do get damaged, at least they can be replaced without too much expense! In fact, it's worth having at least one of our budget waterpipes in reserve even if you're the proud owner of a more expensive and impressive glass bong, just in case things get a bit lively or your guests don't always have the gentle touch.

This doesn't mean that a budget waterpipe can't be stylish, and as you can see from our range of designs these are items that can sit proudly on any smoker's shelf. From the compact and discreet design of the travel waterpipe to the arabesque dumb belle bong, these are colourful, attractive waterpipes for all tastes and any occasion. Every one provides a smooth and easy water-cooled smoking experience that's the equal of many more expensive bongs and pipes, but at a fraction of the cost. Our budget bubble bongs allow extra water to be added for superior filtration, and for an extra cool smoke there are also several inexpensive ice bongs in our exceptional budget range.