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Our selection of Oil Pipes feature various designs such as the Glass Ridged Oil Pipe. This awesome design features easy to handle ridges that not only make the pipe look great but also provide added grip making it easier to handle.

Glass Oil Pipes

Another great design is the Bent Oil Pipe. This handy device features a bent tube that make the pipe more ergonomic to use. The kink allows you to make sure no oil escapes the bowl making sure no of your precious product is wasted. Its small size makes it easy to travel with and keeps it discrete.

The Oil Bulb Bong Attachment allows you to easily attach the oil bulb to a bong or water pipe via either an 18.8mm joint or a 14.5mm joint. This allows you to filter the oil producing a cleaner, cooler smoking experience. Simply fit the attachment into the existing downpipe of your bong, add a small amount of oil and gently heat the bulb whilst inhaling.