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Cleaning Stuff & Bong Cleaner

Make sure you're cleaning your glass or acrylic! It's easy to let your bong get dirty but we really suggest using bong cleaning gear to make sure you get the best hit you can! From brushes to solutions, you can get everything you need right here to make your bong is squeaky clean!

Bong & Vape Cleaning Products

Okay cleaning is not the most interesting thing about smoking and we know that it can seem a bit of a chore, but cleaning your bong will give you a better and healthier smoke so we at Shiva have bought together the best cleaning equipment to make cleaning your bong easy and effective. Even if you are using naturally occurring plant material in your smoke mix your pipe or bong will become dirty over time.

At Shiva we have a wide range of cleaning equipment from brushes to liquids all aimed to make your life easier. The Happy Daddy cleaning tool is ideal whether it is for cleaning a bong bowl, a pipe or a grinder this tool will have it done in a jiffy. The Happy Daddy cleaning tools are high quality tools made from surgical steel. They have been designed to make removing all of the dirt and grime that builds up in bongs, pipes or grinders easy. The Bowl Buddy was designed especially for cleaning bong bowls, pipes and stems. The tool has a curved blade that can scrape all the grime out of bowls easily and it also has a flat blade for cleaning flat surfaces and a thin tapered point for getting into the stem of pipes. The Pipe Pal is similar to the Bowl Buddy, but is smaller which makes it a great tool for cleaning your pipe when you are out and about. The Grindson as its name suggests has been especially designed for cleaning grinders. At one end it has an angled point which makes it great for removing plant material from difficult to reach places. At the other end there is a scraping tool which can remove resin that builds up around the edges of a grinder.

We have a fine range of liquid bong cleaners such as Dr Green Bong and Pipe Cleaner which will clean your bong with no nasty fumes and no nasty aftertaste.