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Glass Bong Accessories

Transforming your glass bong setup is an exciting endeavour, and we're here to make it even more enjoyable with our diverse range of products aimed at enhancing your smoking experience! Consider adding an ash catcher to keep your bong cleaner for longer. Need to make adjustments for a bowl that doesn't quite fit? Explore our glass adapters to optimize your smoke session. Whatever your customization needs may be, rest assured, we have the perfect solution waiting for you right here!


What is a downpipe?

A downpipe is a tube that connects the bowl (where the dry herbs or tobacco are placed) to the water chamber of the bong. The downpipe allows smoke to flow from the bowl into the water, where it is filtered and cooled before it is inhaled by the user.

What are the differences between different types of downpipe?

Downpipes come in various lengths and shapes, and they can be made from different materials, including glass, metal, and plastic. A longer downpipe can help to cool the smoke more effectively, while a shorter downpipe may provide a more direct and potent hit.

What do I need to think about when buying a downpipe?

One important factor to consider when choosing a downpipe is the joint size, as it must be compatible with the bowl and the bong itself. It's also important to ensure that the downpipe is securely attached to the bowl and the bong to prevent leaks or breakage.

Elevate Your Bong Experience with Premium Glass Bong Accessories

Enhance your bong collection with our wide selection of glass bong accessories, designed to elevate your smoking experience to new heights. Whether you're replacing old items or adding new ones to your collection, our range offers plenty of options to suit every budget and preference.

Finding the Perfect Fit Ensure you get the right size of glass accessory for your bong to guarantee a seamless fit. While there's some flexibility, certain items require specific sizes. For example, the ROOR Large Bowl fits a 14.5mm stem, while our Replacement Glass Bong Bowl comes in various sizes to accommodate different setups.

Add a Splash of Color Add personality to your bong with our vibrant Glass Ash Catcher Bowl, available in eye-catching blue and green hues. These ash catcher bowls not only add visual impact but also help reduce the need for frequent cleaning by trapping ash and tar.

Explore Unique Designs Discover fun and intriguing designs with our selection of glass bowls. From skull-shaped bowls to colourful variations, these accessories add a touch of uniqueness to your bong setup. Designed to fit downpipes of 18.8mm, they're sure to make a statement.

Practical Accessories for Enhanced Functionality Optimise your bong experience with practical accessories like the bowl holder. Our glass ROOR bowl holder keeps your bowl upright while filling, preventing spills and ensuring a hassle-free experience. With compatibility for different joint sizes, it's a versatile addition to any bong.

Explore our range of premium glass bong accessories and discover how you can elevate your smoking experience with Shiva. Whether you're looking for the perfect fit, vibrant colours, unique designs, or practical functionality, we have everything you need to enhance your bong collection. Shop now and take your bong experience to the next level with Shiva's premium accessories.

Content Created: 12/06/2024