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We all need a solid and reliable herb grinder so why not get the one thats right for you? We offer a huge range of spice grinders for you basic daily use, to the sturdy life long herb grinders. Check out the biggest names on the market at the moment with our Santa Cruz and Spacecase range! Get the best right here.

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What are herb grinders for?

Herb grinders are commonly used for cooking, aromatherapy, smoking, and other applications where finely ground herbs are needed. Grinding the herbs releases their essential oils and flavour compounds, making them more potent and flavourful. It also makes it easier to measure and use the herbs in recipes and other applications.

How do you use a herb grinder?

Grinders simply grind herbs down by means of simply components. With a manual grinder you'll provide the power by twisting the grinder, but battery powered ones can do that work for you. Often, herbs will come in quite large chunks, so you might wish to begin the process by breaking them up by hand before putting them in a grinder. When the herbs are in the grinder, simply start the process and your herbs will be ready in minutes.

What's the best weed grinder?

The answer depends on what kind of herbs you wish to grind, and whether discretion is necessary. Generally speaking, metal grinders with a high quality burr will give the best results and the finest grind. But if you need to grind while you're out and about a lightweight plastic card grinder will do the job while remaining discreet.

What's the difference between manual and electric grinders?

Manual herb grinders are popular because they are simple to use and require no electricity or batteries. They are also relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes and designs, from small pocket-sized grinders to large ones that can handle a lot of herbs at once. Electric herb grinders are another option, which use a motor to grind the herbs quickly and efficiently. They are more expensive than manual grinders, but they are also more convenient and faster to use.

Choosing the right herb grinder for you

Here at Shiva Online we offer a fantastic and varied range of herb grinders - with such a selection of models and brands that we guarantee you'll find (at least) one that meets your needs.

Our range is highly extensive and consists of flat grinders, electric grinders, acrylic grinders, metal grinders, and even novelty herb grinders to bring a smile to your face. We've also got herb grinders in a variety of materials such as wood herb grinders and sifter grinders. We're also pleased to offer a great variety of specialist products, from brands like Blitz / Spyral, Clearview, Head Chef, Space Case and Easyleaf. Plus, of course, a choice of grinder cleaners to keep your product clean. All you have to do is pop what you need in your shopping cart and you'll be good to go for grinding dry herb.

Our popular electric grinders ensure that your weed or dry herb is pulverised into dust in a matter of seconds without requiring any effort from you. Sit back and let electricity work its magic. Alternatively, for those who prefer to grind with good old-fashioned muscle power, our Clearview grinders provide both an easy, effective grinding motion and are fun to use.

All of our herb grinders are ideal for culinary use. Simply pop your dry herb or spices into your grinder, close the lid and in just a few seconds you'll have a finely pulverised powder. You can make fantastic quality spice mixes using any of the models from our range, which in turn ensure that your cooking skills are not impeded by old or stale products which have been left lying around in your kitchen cupboards. Whether you prefer wooden or metal grinders, the simple and effective designs we offer are just right for mixing up that culinary delight, whether it's peppercorns, cinnamon, coffee beans, dry herbs or petals.

Cheap or expensive herb grinders?

Before choosing a herb grinder to put in your shopping cart, it's a good idea to consider the different types and what you think would be best for your dry herb. Do you have budget to invest in a high quality shredder? Or are you looking for something cheap and cheerful? People who buy cheap herb grinders know they will need to replace them at some point in the future. When it comes to purchasing a herb grinder, if you want quality it is worth spending that little bit extra and buying the high end premium grinders. A high end herb grinder can last a lifetime if it is cared for properly - so add one to your shopping cart today.

Herb grinders and spice herb grinders are generally made from a selection Aluminium, Steel, Plastics such as Acrylic and even wood. Generally the low quality aluminium grinders will not last as long as the higher quality ones and over time there is a risk of small parts of aluminium chipping off into your mix, which is not desirable. Plastics such as Acrylic are another popular choice of material for grinders, and again, there is varying quality plastics that are used. High quality Acrylic such as that used with the Storz & Bickel Herb Mill are less likely to chip or break over time compared to their cheaper counterparts. Wood is probably the oldest material used for the production of grinders, and offers both durability and a cheap price tag. Although with wood grinders, they generally have metal thin metal grinding teeth, which usually aren't the most efficient at grinding.

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