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Easyleaf Electric Grinder - Deluxe Acrylic



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Product Description

Electric grinders have been produced for a while, but the Easyleaf Electric Grinder puts all other attempts to shame.

Although there are several other electric grinders on the market these days, here at Shiva we believe that the Easyleaf electric grinder puts several of these other attempts to shame. Electric grinders are superb why manually grind your herbs or spices when you can simply pop your ingredients in a grinder which, when the lid is closed, will grind them up to the perfect consistency for you? Easyleaf electric grinders take this amazing feat to the next level. As well as rapidly grinding whatever you put in them into a much finer powder than the results you would achieve manually, these superb inventions also collect the residue dust in the lid for you. And we mean anything; grinders in this range are perfectly equipped to take on cinnamon, pepper corns, dry petals, coffee beans or dry herbs, too.

After placing a small amount of your herb under the Easyleaf's blade, reassemble the blades and close the lid. To kick-start the 9 volt motor into action, all you need to do is turn the base, and you're off. After just a few seconds of grinding, the results should be sufficient enough so that when you open your electric grinder you will find a perfectly formed residue collected in the lid and the rest of your herbs beneath the blades, ready for you to remove and cook with if you so wish.

Easyleaf's range of electric grinders get the job done ten times faster, with ten times less effort on your part, so what's not to like? With their choice in colour, durable materials and excellent functionality, the Easyleaf range is not one to be sniffed at.

The Easyleaf Electric Grinder is suitable for cinnamon, pepper corns, dry petals and dry herbs. Colours may vary.

Content produced on 26/04/2017

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