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Chillums are pipes that are smoked when holding them upright. Originally invented in India, chillum pipes have since spread across the world. The pipes are often used in rituals, and Africans have long used chillums for smoking cannabis and tobacco. They can be made from a variety of naturally occurring materials such as wood, bamboo and stone.


What are the different kinds of smoking pipe?

When it comes to smoking herbs, there are several types of pipes that are commonly used. One popular type is a chillum, which is a small, straight pipe made from clay or stone. It typically has a narrow bowl and a straight stem, and is designed for smoking small amounts of herbs at a time. Another type of pipe that is commonly used for herb smoking is a water pipe, also known as a bong. Water pipes typically have a larger bowl and a long, curved stem that leads to a chamber filled with water. The water cools and filters the smoke, making it smoother and less harsh on the lungs.

What's the difference between vapes and smoking pipes?

Vaporizers heat the herbs to a temperature that releases the active compounds in the herbs without burning them. This produces a vapor that is inhaled, rather than smoke. Vaporizers can be more expensive than traditional smoking pipes, but they are considered to be healthier and more efficient because they produce less harmful chemicals and waste.

How do you use a pipe to smoke herbs?

To smoke with a pipe, the herbs are placed in the bowl or chamber of the pipe and then lit with a lighter or match. The smoker then inhales the smoke through the stem or mouthpiece of the pipe. Some people prefer to inhale the smoke into their mouths and then inhale it into their lungs, while others inhale directly into their lungs.

Cheap Chillums

Smoking a chillum pipe is a bit different from smoking an ordinary pipe. The chillum pipe is held upright around the base, and you must make sure that your grip is airtight. With a chillum, you inhale through your hand rather than from the pipe itself. A damp cloth around the base can prevent it from getting too hot.

At Shiva, we have a great range of chillums all made in India. Many of the pipes are made of beautifully carved wood. The Two Way Brahma Pipe comes in small, medium and large sizes. The pipe has been made from a rich dark wood, and has been polished to bring out the beauty of its natural wood material. This pipe can be used in two ways. It can function as an ordinary pipe, or it can be converted into a chillum by simply swapping the bowl and the end notch.

Chillum pipes have been used in India for centuries, and our chillum pipes reflect this item's spiritual origins. Some are carved with Ganesh the elephant god, whilst others have a cobra design. Snakes represent rebirth, death and mortality in the Hindu religion. Other pipe designs include cacti and hemp leaves. All our chillums are hand-made, and each is decorated with different coloured beads. Each pipe also includes a filter stone, which means that they do not require screens. Chillum stones and decorative chillum pouches for carrying your chillum are also available on our website.