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Grinder Cleaner

As with all the best things in life, your grinder too will need some TLC to keep it in tip-top condition. Cleaning may be boring, but necessary and our range of cleaners are here to make this chore as quick and easy as possible for you. Whether you choose cleaning grease or a spray, you are guaranteed to get sparklingly clean results in seconds with Shivas selection of products.


Why should you clean your herb grinder?

Herb grinders are often used to grind up dry herbs and spices for use in cooking or smoking. Over time, the grinder can become clogged with residue from the herbs, making it difficult to use and decreasing its effectiveness.

What are the different methods of cleaning a herb grinder?

Herb grinder cleaners come in various forms, including brushes, picks, and cleaning solutions. Brushes are often used to remove dry residue from the grinder's teeth and crevices. Picks are useful for removing small pieces of debris that may be stuck in the grinder's crevices.

Do I need a grinder cleaner solution?

Cleaning solutions can be used to remove more stubborn residue from the grinder. These solutions may be made from natural or synthetic ingredients and are often used in combination with a brush or pick. Some cleaning solutions are designed to be used with a soaking method, while others can be sprayed onto the grinder and then wiped clean.

How to choose the best herb grinder cleaner

When selecting a herb grinder cleaner, it is important to consider the type of grinder you have and the type of residue you need to remove. Some cleaners may be too harsh for certain materials, while others may not be effective enough to remove all types of residue. It is also important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to avoid damaging the grinder or inhaling any harmful chemicals.

Grinder Cleaners

Our No. 1 Grinder Cleaner comes in a handy 50ml spray bottle and is suitable to use for the cleaning of plastic, vinyl, aluminium and most other materials. Just spray a little of the cleaner onto your grinder, wait a few moments while it does its stuff and simply rinse and dry to clean it off. Our No.1 Grinder Cleaner is very safe, non-toxic and has a 100% biological formula, which doesn't contain any alcohol or solvents and is pH neutral. If you prefer to clean in more of hands-on manner, our Chronisuer Grinder Grease may be the product for you. Weighing in at 10g, this superb cleaning product is an essential part of any smoker's kit and keeps your grinder clean and working smoothly.

This grinder cleaner is made to remove any build up in your grinder and keep it working properly - prolonging its lifespan and getting you better value for money! All you have to do is simply run a little of the grease around the rim of the male part of the grinder every week or so.

Grinder cleaning products are an essential purchase for everyone who either owns a grinder or is considering buying one. Don't let poor hygiene affect the performance of your grinder or the quality of your culinary delights!