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420 Stash Jars

If you want to keep your herbs and spices in tip-top condition during storage, look no further. Perfect for herbs that emit a constant trail of pungent or strong smells, our range of air-tight 420 glass jars will keep odours in and water vapour and desiccating air out, preserving their contents' quality, colour and properties in a vastly superior fashion. You'll never resort to using an old coffee jar or jam jar again once you've tried our 420 glass jars. There's no going back. Those wonderful aromas stand no chance of seeping away through the “pop-top” airtight seal between lid and jar on all of the items in our range.

From the cheerful “Let's Bake” range to the modish designs on our top drawer range of hand-blown ROOR glass jars (one of the best manufacturers of high quality glassware products in the world), most are available in sets of different sizes (typically Small, Medium and Large, although some feature Extra Small and Extra Large sizes, too). Latch-top glass jars have especially firm seals for near-perfect content curing and the splendid ROOR range, with their thick, flawless glass and elegant emblems and engravings not only look beautiful, they're amazingly strong as well. But then, when a hand-blown jar ends up with a wall that's an amazing 3.2mm thick, you'd expect nothing less.

Pop Top Or Screw Top

In addition to the pop-top design, we also supply a range of screw-top glass jars, all made from high quality, US-manufactured glass. Like their pop-top siblings, they'll keep your precious herbs and spices in superb condition, because each one creates a totally airtight seal when screwed shut. No odours slyly pervading your home, no loss of quality for your herbs. Available in Extra Small, Small and Medium, each one has a rich, amber hue.