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Cigarette packet covers are a stylish addition to any smoker's accessories, but not everyone wants to use a cigarette packet cover, some prefer the original packet. Of course at one time cigarette packets were iconic, but with the increasing legislation on what can be displayed on cigarette packets they are not necessarily that nice to look at any more. Cigarette packet covers can make a stylish alternative and what is more they will keep your cigarettes in much better condition than the original packet. We all know that in their original packet cigarettes can be crushed or bent, but with a cigarette packet cover this will not happen.

At Shiva we have two very stylish cigarette packet covers. Our highly polished cigarette packet cover is ideal for a night out on the town. It does not matter what you get up to your cigarettes will be kept safe inside the cover. No fumbling around for a cigarette only to find that they have been crushed or bent. The cigarette cover is stylish to look at and guaranteed to keep your cigarettes safe. Our brushed chrome cigarette packet cover is strong, stylish and weather proof. It has a high quality finish and will not only keep your cigarettes safe but also ensure that they are totally protected. The top is opened with a quick release button and when closed the cigarettes are held securely. A cigarette packet cover is ideal for anyone who is out and about especially if you are in to outdoor sports in all kinds of weather.

For those who would like to give up smoking we at Shiva can offer you an alternative. So if you want to give up why not try one of our herbal cigarettes made from naturally occurring herbs as an alternative to nicotine?