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Ashtrays from leading smoking brands such as Raw, Kulu & Roor. Whether you are looking for something on a budget or looks are what you crave then Shiva Online will be able to help with beautiful glass ashtrays from Raw to the more budget friendly Cheeky One Ashtrays.

We offer our customers a full range of ashtrays to fit any situation or setting. So if you need a basic ash tray for friends to knock about or an ash tray that looks classy and classic, we have you covered: just look at the great range right here on our site.

Buying an ashtray online is one of those purchases that simply can’t go wrong. Pick the one you like, wait a day or two and, before you know it, your local postman delivers it to your door. If you choose next day delivery with Shiva Online, you’ll receive your ashtray even quicker.

Browse the many types of ashtrays we sell

We sell a vast range of ashtrays on our site; whether you need plastic ashtrays, pressed metal or detailed soapstone, we have the materials you love. Glass is a hugely popular material to use at home as they are easy to clean and some of the Roor ashtrays have amazing decals printed onto them, which really shows your expertise in smoking. These pair together really well with Roor glass bongs and are super cheap at under £10 each which is an absolute steal. If you love your glassware, we suggest the RAW crystal glass ashtray. This has showpiece features and won’t look out of place anywhere in a smoker’s get-up. You want your home to look its best, and there's no reason you shouldn't invest in a stylish ashtray to wow visitors. Bets of all? They'll fit in perfectly with similar tools.

If you are looking for a more aesthetic ashtray, one of hand-carved, beautifully detailed Indian soapstone ashtrays will be perfect for you. Available in two styles, a round oval edged and a more traditional round ashtray style, these are easy to clean in some warm soapy water and a light brush will soon have them looking like new. These soapstone ashtrays are all hand carved meaning each one is completely unique and gives out customers a much nicer smoking experience.

Why you should consider portable ash trays

For the best experience of discretion, some of the metal ashtrays we have on the site are super discreet as they come with features like smartly detailed lids included. This allows them to be used as a

portable ashtray, but they can also be used in the home of the secret smoker. If you smoke in your car, it’s tempting to rely on similar tools such as an empty can - but this can result in a smelly and unpleasant car and ruin your smoking experience! Portable ash trays with lids can solve all these issues.

Also, if you’re caught dropping a cigarette butt on the floor these days, it can lead to an expensive fine! You can save yourself the hassle by carrying around a little portable ash tray with you. There are even ones that fit into your back pocket so you'll always have an ash tray at your fingertips.

Spinning ashtrays are hugely popular at Shiva, from the classic the black 8 Ball spinning ashtray or the red dice ashtray, to the plain silver spinner or the Cheeky One Retro spinning tray. They offer a clean, tidy and simple solution to disposing of used cigarettes.

Why buy ash trays from us here at Shiva Online?

Whatever your smoking needs, we’ve got you covered at Shiva Online - with free delivery on many items (flagged in the product descriptions). You won't find a better experience when it comes to buying ash trays - and you can check thousands of detailed reviews from our customers so you know our site is the real deal.