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Here at Shiva we have a great and wide range of ashtrays. There's something suitable for everyone. We have the Disguise / Apple ashtrays that don't really look like an ashtray. They come in 3 colours; red, green and yellow, so there is bound to be something to suit. We also have heavy duty glass ashtrays for the hardcore smokers, and beautiful ornamental ashtrays to make your home look gorgeous while you indulge your smoking habit.

Spinning Ashtrays which have kind of a retro vibe going on about them, but they look wicked. The Plain Spinner ashtray is pretty basic and plain but if you're looking for something fancy in this range of spinners then the Marilyn Monroe Ashtray is pretty unique much like the Dice ashtray.

Our range of Portable Ashtrays are great; now the smoking ban looks like it's here to stay these can clip on to your key ring, or simply be kept in your pocket or hand bag along with everything else that women like to keep in there.

The Glass Ashtrays are our best seller in the range, as they are brightly coloured and have some great patterns on such as the Smiley & Skull & Crossbones