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Glass Bongs

Discover Premium Glass Bongs at Shiva Online
Embrace the purity and durability of glass with Shiva Online's extensive collection of premium bongs. Unlike acrylic or ceramic, our glass bongs offer superior longevity and effortless cleaning, ensuring a refined smoking experience. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to bongs, our diverse range caters to every preference. Explore intricate designs and innovative percolators for enhanced filtration and visual appeal, or choose user-friendly options perfect for beginners. Invest in quality craftsmanship and elevate your smoking ritual with Shiva Online. Thank you for visiting—we're here to transform how you enjoy your smoke.

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Are glass bongs best?

Most smokers would say that glass bongs offer the best performance - with a cleaner taste, and a consequently better hit. The main drawbacks for glass bongs are simply cost and to some degree durability.

Do glass bongs break easily?

Glass bongs can break just like any other kind of glassware. Silicon bongs have a degree of natural flexibility meaning they can better survive drops. But it's still not very easy to smash a glass bong: if you're careful they will last as long as any other glassware such a drinking glasses etc.

Will boiling water break a glass bong?

There is a small chance that a glass bong could break with the addition of boiling water - but it is a very small chance: modern glass bongs are made with tempered glass that can handle rapid temperature changes. Probably not worth worrying too much about!

How often should you clean your glass bong?

A glass bong is unlikely to stain or gain any of mould that can't be washed off with a damp cloth or a careful fingertip. The best reason to clean your bong is basically taste: if not cleaned properly you could end up with stale tasting hits, so it's generally a great idea to rinse your bong clean with warm water after every session.

Explore Shiva's Diverse Range of Glass Bongs

Discover the evolution of water pipes, now elegantly crafted as glass bongs, offering a refined smoking experience rooted in centuries of tradition. Originating in 16th-century China, these modern bongs have gained recognition for their ability to filter smoke through water and ice, reducing toxins and tar compared to traditional cigarettes.

At Shiva, we meet the growing demand with over 70 meticulously curated products. Each piece showcases not only functional superiority but also exquisite design suitable for the most stylish environments and collectors alike.

Innovative Designs for Enhanced Enjoyment

Our collection features a myriad of designs, sizes, and functionalities. Many bongs boast unique features such as removable bowls, spiral downpipes, percolators, and double percolators. Innovations like ice shelves and twists in the down tube cater to connoisseurs seeking a smoother, cooler smoking experience.

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

Some of our glass bongs even feature colour-changing glass, adding a captivating aesthetic element to the smoking ritual. Detailed descriptions of these novel features can be found on our website, ensuring every choice aligns perfectly with your preferences.

Comprehensive Selection and Bong Accessories

Alongside our diverse bong offerings, we provide an extensive array of accessories designed to complement and enhance your smoking session. From cleaning tools to storage solutions, everything you need is conveniently available on our site.

Portable and Stylish Solutions

For those who appreciate portability without compromising on quality, our Miniature Bottle Bongs blend nostalgic homemade charm with modern functionality. Perfect for sharing and showcasing among friends, these bongs offer exceptional performance at an affordable price.

Embrace a Safer Alternative

Ideal for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike, our range includes sturdy carrying cases with comprehensive accessory kits, making them perfect for gifts that encourage a safer smoking alternative.

Your Trusted Source

Shiva is committed to delivering not just products, but a smoking experience that reflects our expertise and dedication to quality. Explore our collection today and elevate your smoking ritual with Shiva’s glass bongs.

Content Created: 24/06/2024