Chongz Widow Maker 30cm Diffuser Ice Bong

Chongz Widow Maker 30cm Diffuser Ice Bong

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The Chongz Widow Maker is packed full of features such as 7mm thick glass, a diffuser 2 part stem, ice dimples and a large conical base. What more could you ask for at just £39.99.

The 7mm thick glass that the Widow Maker is constructed from ensures that it is very durable making it ideal for everyday use.

The 2 part diffuser stem features an ornate removable bowl and a diffused downstem that helps to increase the filtration properties of the water.

The large conical base gives the bong a larger water capacity which increases the amount of unwanted carcinogens and tar that is filtered from the smoke. It also helps to cool the smoke.

The ice dimples allow for the addition of ice to the bong which greatly cools the smoke making it a much more pleasant experience.

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Chongz Widow Maker 30cm Diffuser Ice Bong has been reviewed 4 times scoring an average 5 out of 5 stars

    • 5 out of 5 Stars

    DocHolliday on 30th September 2017

    Great bong , purchased after seeing it used on the “ismoke” YouTube channel , very sturdy , thick glass and well made . A nice weight to the bong as well . I have been using it daily and the only fault I can see (and it is minor )is it doesn’t hold a lot of smoke ,what collects is dense though . I would highly recommend this to add to your collection 👍

    • 5 out of 5 Stars

    Vince on 21st September 2017

    Just bought this from the shop today as my daily driver, after looking for some time, and struggling to choose between three . The staff are so helpful and really know their stuff, and got all three out for me to have a good look at. This was the cheapest, but the look, feel and quality is second to none. Anyone looking for a solid short bong with excellent quality and an 18mm port need look no further. Thanks guys, well worth the drive into London today!

    • 5 out of 5 Stars

    Leeroy B. on 8th August 2016

    Just arrived today. Very thick heavy glass. Perfect for clumsy people like myself. Great functionality, with smoke stacking very well. I can see this quickly becoming my new daily driver. 5 stars.

    • 5 out of 5 Stars

    George on 9th August 2015

    Have been very pleased with this bong. Shape and size is excellent being small enough to easily fit in my bag, but large enough for smoke to properly collect. The one con I have found is that the downstem is a bit short so alot of water is needed to cover the bottom of it, not really a huge issue. Glass is incredibly thick for the price and feels strong and weighty. The bowl is a great size and looks brilliant, removing it to clear smoke is a wonderful joy as there is no rush hole - the better design in my opinion. Only had the bong for 3 hours, filthy already!

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