Chongz Diffuser Downpipe

Chongz Diffuser Downpipe
  • Chongz Diffuser Downpipe - 18.8mm Gauge 8cm
  • Chongz Diffuser Downpipe - 18.8mm Gauge 11.5cm




Product Description


The Chongz Diffuser Downpipes are a little special something extra for your already beautiful Chongz Bong.

The Chongz Diffuser Downpipe will fit any bong with a 18.8mm joint and will take any bowl with a male 14.5mm connection.

If you have lost or broken the downpipe for your Chongz bong, then you will obviously need a replacement. Why not try the Diffuser Downpipe instead of a regular one?

These marvels have been created with a vast array of holes at the bottom of the downpipe. This effectively breaks the smoke up into smaller 'bubbles' for extra efficient cooling.

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