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Breaking a down pipe happens to everyone but finding somewhere that sells the right one for your bong is impossible right? Wrong! We offer every size and shape so you can easily replace your downpipe at a good price. We've got you covered!

Bong Downpipes

Your have just broken the downpipe on your favourite bong. Time for the dustbin you might think, but no at Shiva we can rescue your bong from the dustbin with our replacement downpipes. Come to us at Shiva and check out our range of downpipes. We have downpipes of different materials, widths and lengths so we are confident that you will be able to find a downpipe that fits. So whether you need to repair a much loved bong or build a new bong check out our fantastic range of downpipes.

Our kinked downpipes come in a range of brilliant colours and are ideal for practical bong smoking. Straight bongs require the smoker to keep the bong slightly tipped to prevent the smoke mix from falling out, however, with a kinked downpipe this is not necessary. The kinked downpipes have a strong rubber grommet which means that they are held securely in place and no air will escape when you smoke. In addition, the kinked downpipe has a detachable bowl which can be screwed off and as the thread is a standard 8mm you can even use other bong bowls including ones made from naturally occurring materials such as wood.

The bottle bong converter is an ingenious piece of kit that will convert a beer bottle into a bong. So if you have enjoyed a tasty beer and then want a smoke what better way than to convert your bottle into a bong, also a great way of re-using bottles. The bottle bong converter will fit most beer bottles or soft drinks bottles.

Using a diffuser downpipe can remove more tar and unwanted chemicals from your smoke. These downpipes have been designed to create lots of bubbles which cool the smoke and filter out unwanted nasties. Our diffuser downpipes come in various lengths. The glass diffuser downpipe is 18.8 mm long and is used with bongs that have an 18.8 mm joint.