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Pipe Screens (Gauze/ Filters)

Our steel and brass pipe screens come in a variety of sizes. They are suitable for use in pipes, bongs or water pipes. You get 5 in each pack and the brass screens are flexible enough to be used in glass pipes without scratching them. The screens should be changed regularly to get the most from your pipe or bong.

Bong & Pipe Metal Screens

Smoking a bong can be a pleasant and relaxing experience and one of the items that contributes to this is a pipe screen. The pipe screen prevents you inhaling any bits of ash. At Shiva we have a great range of pipe screens. You can choose from steel, brass or glass and a variety of sizes. So no matter what type of bong you use we are bound to have a pipe screen that will fit. The glass steel spoon gauzes are great for glass bong bowls. Each pack contains 5 of the steel spoons. Not only do these glass steel spoon gauzes improve the quality of your smoke they also make cleaning the pipe afterwards very simple. Each spoon has an attached arm which can be used to lift the spoon out of the bowl along with any ash keeping your bong in great condition.

Our glass filter screens are good for either glass bongs or pipes. Glass is made from naturally occurring substances and its nature means that it can be heated to high temperatures. They are also very easy to keep clean. Each pack of glass filters contains 5 filters which can be reused. The filters vary in size, the small filters are 6mm across and 6mm deep making them suitable for small bowls. The medium filters are 10 mm across and 11 mm deep and are suitable for medium sized bowls. For large sized bowls use the large filters which are 11 mm across and 13 mm deep.