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Novelty Grinders

Just because herb and spice grinders are practical in their role, doesn't mean that they have to be boring or lack character. Our great range of novelty grinders still boast all the same practicality and functionality as those from alternative ranges, but combine this with a little humour. Add a sprinkling of fun to your kitchen and brighten up cooking with a novelty grinder from Shiva - the UK's best online head shop.

Explore Our Unique Novelty Grinders at Shiva Online

Add a touch of fun and personality to your grinding experience with our range of novelty grinders at Shiva Online. These grinders combine functionality with humour and style, making them perfect for both personal use and as gifts for fellow enthusiasts.

3 Part Monster Ball Grinder Priced from £14.99, this grinder features a playful design reminiscent of popular culture icons. It’s a perfect blend of fun and functionality, offering a smooth grinding experience with its three-part construction.

Cheeky One Grinder and Cone Filler Available from £9.99, the Cheeky One Grinder and Cone Filler is an all-in-one solution for grinding, storing, and filling your cones. Its practical design ensures a seamless experience, making it a favourite among users.

Chube Buddy Silicone Grinder on Keyring The Chube Buddy, starting at £4.99, is a silicone grinder that’s both airtight and water-resistant. Its compact design includes a keyring, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

Dark Invader 3 Part Sifter Grinder Show your allegiance with the Dark Invader Grinder, priced at £12.99. Its three-part design includes a sifter, ensuring you get the finest grind possible.

Dollar Bill 4-Part Metal Sifter Grinder At £7.99, the Dollar Bill Grinder offers fantastic value. Its four-part metal construction includes a sifter for optimal grinding and collection of fine particles.

Why Choose Novelty Grinders?

Novelty grinders at Shiva Online offer more than just aesthetic appeal. They are designed to be practical and efficient, providing a smooth grinding experience while adding a bit of fun to your routine. Each grinder is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and performance.

Benefits of Novelty Grinders

  • Unique Designs: From playful themes to stylish bling, our novelty grinders cater to a variety of tastes and preferences.
  • Functional and Durable: Despite their fun appearances, these grinders are built to perform, ensuring a consistent and fine grind.
  • Perfect Gifts: Novelty grinders make excellent gifts for enthusiasts who appreciate both functionality and creativity.

Why Shop at Shiva Online?

Shiva Online is committed to offering high-quality smoking accessories. Our novelty grinders are carefully selected to ensure they meet our standards for performance and durability. We offer a wide variety of unique designs that cater to different styles, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Explore our full range of novelty grinders and find the perfect addition to your collection. Enjoy the blend of fun, quality, and efficiency with our novelty grinder selection.

Content Created: 10/07/2024