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Revolutionary Sifter Grinders

Feast your eyes on the entire range of sifters available here at Shiva. The beauty of a sifter grinder, as opposed to just a standard grinder, is that they work to sift and filter your culinary herbs and spices as you grind them; only extracting the finest and most potent flavours. Fine mesh filters catch the ground residue as it passes through the grinder, only letting the best consistency of powder pass through into the base. Enjoy this residue as it is produced or save it until you are ready to use it and make your cooking extra special. No self-respecting chef should ever be short of a good quality sifter grinder.

Metal & Acrylic Sifter Ginders

Our extensive range offers the best brand names in the business such as Clearview, Head Chef, Space Case, RAD, Killer and Prometheus. Whether you fancy a novelty sifter grinder, something a bit sizeable, a funky colour, a clear top so you can see the magic happening as you grind - or a five part sifter set: our collection will not disappoint. With materials such as metal, acrylic, plastic and darkwood and the luxurious choice of whether you would prefer to manually grind your ingredients or sit back and have electricity take care of it for you, there is literally something for every taste. We also sell grinder cleaners and other accessories to perfectly complement your new purchase and to ensure that it continues to work perfectly months - if not years - down the line.

No-one with a passion for cooking up the finest culinary mixes should be without a sifter grinder and with Shivas wide variety of available models, brands and materials; no matter what your preference is, theres something here for you.

Introducing a revolutionary new and improved method of grinding your herbs and spices that will ensure you get the most out of them and will keep you going for longer with less matter.

Here at Shiva we believe that Sifter grinders are a great accessory to have, whether youre grinding herbs for culinary use on your favourite dishes or grinding your herbal mixtures to make them easier to smoke these grinders are the business.

The specially designed hardened teeth make quick work of any herb and the different compartments catch the finest herb particles (usually the best and most potent parts) that you can use for special occasions. These are a fantastic addition to any kitchen especially for avid cooks looking to experiment with flavour.

Choose from a range of aluminium or plastic grinders in a variety of sizes and colours that can be easily stored away when not in use or taken with you when you need some grinding action on the move.

Simple, easy to use and superfast, you'll wonder how you ever managed before with these great sifter grinders. Check out the range now!