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Chongz 63mm 4-Part 'Big Purple One' Metal Sifter Grinder


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Product Description

Brand: Chongz


Presenting the Chongz 63mm 4-Part 'Big Purple One' Metal Sifter Grinder!

We've got another big and bold metal sifter grinder from Chongz, showing up in a striking purple colourway. There's no bells and whistles for this design as well, with a very simple shape, soft matted finish and specialised grip around the bottom and top chambers. That grip will also help to grind even the stickiest of substances.

Constructed from aluminium metal, this grinder features 4-parts that join together. The bottom 3 parts screw together, whilst the first part (grinder) connects magnetically to the second part (grinder). The third part down (sifter) not only holds your ground herbs, it also features a fine mesh screen that sieves through the most potent parts of your herbs, this is then stored in the forth and final part in the form of a fine powder that you can then use, either when your herb is finished or when you want to add a little extra potency. This grinder also comes included with a small plastic pick located in the lower part to enable users to easy distribute their sifted herbs.

Content produced on 28/06/2023

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