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Bong Grommets and Spares

Bong Grommets are so very useful! If you're wanting to make a bottle bong or if you want to start getting all DIY and experimental on your rig, you can with them! We also offer a range of replacement acrylic bong bases and glass for The Mad Scientist! Get all the must have little things for your bong right here!

Replacement Bong Grommets

One of the simpler pieces of equipment that you may need for your bong is a bong grommet. These small rubber rings are extremely inexpensive and will help to keep your bong in good working order. The bong grommets are used to keep the stems and pipe parts well and truly in place. They stop any air from getting out so that you do not lose anything during the smoking process. When one becomes a little worn, replacing it is very easy, and as we have already mentioned, it is not expensive to do, with most grommets costing just a few pence.

It is not advised to affect a temporary repair with something like Blu-Tack or tape as this simply will not work very well and will definitely look a bit rough! People have tried it this way and failed. A temporary repair also requires far more effort than simply replacing the bong grommets and when you realise just how easy it is you will wonder why you didn't just do it the right way in the first place.

When choosing the right bong grommets for your equipment, make sure that you get the right size. These are not expensive items to purchase, but getting the wrong size can leave you waiting around until the right one arrives.

These are easy to replace yourself so you do not have to worry about getting someone to fit the grommet for you. The shape of the grommet is similar to a top hat so it just slots into place. It is worth keeping a couple of spare grommets so that if you do reach the point where you need to replace it, you already have one there so that it does not have to interrupt your enjoyment of the bong and smoking experience.