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Digital Scales

Everything these days is expensive, so why not make sure you're getting exactly the right amount as you should! If you're buying rosemary or selling it, you can make sure the grams are on point every single time. We offer a wide range of scales that can go up to 3000 grams so get everything you need right here!

Digital Scales

A wide choice, from digital pocket scales to traditional medicine scales for clear-cut calculations every time. Our range of digital scales is fairly large and there are a range of different functions available from these scales. You will find some of these digital scales will measure accurately to a 10th of a gram (0.1g) and some will measure accurately 100th of a gram (0.01g). Or if like me you prefer imperial measurements as oppose to metric, all of the digital scales are switchable.

Owning a good set of scales is vital if you are wanting to make sure tobacco weights are correct, and long gone are the days of using manual scales where you try to need to balance the weight out.
Only a few years back the cost of getting a high-quality set of digital scales would set you back a good chunk of money. Well, now you can buy a set for under £25 in the Truweigh 600G, if you want to spend a little more then some of the On Balance scales offer a great middle ground weighing in both G's and OZ's.

Most of the digital scales that we offer are pretty small and could be classed as a pocket or portable scale. The few that you may struggle with are the "On Balance CD Scale" or the "On Balance KB-2000 Kitchen Scale" these also feature a 3-year manufacturer warranty honoured by On Balance.

Chongz BSA 200 Digital Scales

If you're wanting some of the best digital scales that Shiva can offer then you definitely need to get some Tanita's. If you have friends round and you pull out your Tanita 1479j scales they'll know you're serious about your figures. In buying a set of Tanita digital scales you'll be able to measure in different measures, in buying the Tanita 1479J Scales you'll measure in the following Gram (g), Ounce (oz), Troy Ounce (ozt), Penny Weight (dwt), Carat, & Grain.

Tanita 1479J Digital Scales

We have a wide range of digital scales something to suit all budgets from £15 to our top of the range Tanita 1479Z scales.

All of our digital scales have maximum weights on them so bare this in mind, when you're browsing through our range. The Rad Professional RZ Series will easily weight upto 1KG in increments of 0.1g where as the Rad Digital Mini Scale RA Series has two variations a 50g and a 300g.

All our digital scales have mini LCD screens on them for a clear and precise read out