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Portable Herb Vaporizers

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Using Portable Vaporizers is considered one of the best ways of consuming herb! The portability gives you the option to vape everywhere you go. They're subtle and discreet with very minimal smell from your herb so you can walk down the street casually. We have a wonderful selection that would suit a beginner to the most experienced of Vapers so get yours today!

Portable Vaporizers

The handheld portable vaporizer is definitely an increasingly popular choice for smokers of all kinds. With straightforward smoking now frowned upon in many public and indeed private places, the handheld vaporizing tube, in the form of the electronic cigarette, has become a familiar and accepted alternative to traditional pipes and cigarettes. Whether you're using a vaporizer as a stage towards giving up smoking nicotine, simply want to take your pleasure discreetly and less harmfully, or enjoy a healthy herbal alternative, a portable handheld vaporizer is a reassuring presence in your hand or your pocket as you go about your daily routine.

The benefits of vaporizing over smoking are now well known. No combustion means fewer harmful toxins and carcinogens are produced, and inhaling rather than smoking gives a gentler, cooler and smoother experience all round. Given that whatever plant substance you use is vaporized at high temperatures rather than burnt there's less waste, and this greater efficiency means you're getting a stronger hit while using less raw material. The initial financial outlay on buying a vaporizer is soon offset by the savings you'll make.

There is now a huge variety of choice in the handheld vaporizer market, as manufacturers rise to meet the demand from people wanting to vaporize on the go while travelling from place to place as part of their busy lives. These devices are often small and discreet, produce no odour and shouldn't trouble other people in the same room at all. Here at Shiva we offer you a wide selection to choose from, and of course we offer all of the accessories and spare parts you'll need to continue using your portable handheld vaporizer for many years to come. Whether you use it for aromatherapy or E liquids, or your own personal herbal choice, your handheld vaporizer is a friend for life!