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Concentrate Pens

Concentrate Pens are truly one of the best ways of vaporizing oil! Bringing extract out and about over the day can be difficult so concentrate pens offer a great alternative to dab rigs. They look subtle and discreet with minimal vapour so you can use them pretty much anywhere! Dab everywhere and anywhere with Concentrate Pens.

Concentrate Pens

Concentrate Pens are one of the best way of consuming your favourite oil on the go. Each pen is sleek and discrete in design making them ideal to carry around in your pocket. Most of these pens have a ceramic bowl that gets heated to your desired temperature just by a click of a button. Some of these pens have a 'Session Mode'. This means the bowl will heat up for longer giving you a bigger hit. Our favourite concentrate pen is the Puffco Plus.

Multi-function vs single function Multi-function vaperizers look attractive on face value because they vape two or three different ways. However, they don't vape as effectivly as single function vaporizers. We recommend buying two seperate units; one for herbs, and one for conerntrates. This is because they are specialised to The multi-function pens do work but not as well.

Coil vs Ceramic A lot of concentrate pens on the market use coils as the heating element. These are both unpradictable and a pain to clean! Most of our concentrate pens have a ceramic bowl and we would recommend those over coil.