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RDA Tanks

Our RDA range is perfect for any experienced vaper and those that are looking in to dripping. RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer and its one of the best ways of customising your vaping experience. Get the biggest clouds and the best taste by building your own coils!

Chasing Sub Ohm Vapour Clouds

Once you have become accustomed to the world of E-cigarettes and vaporisers, and your search for bigger clouds and more flavour becomes too much to handle then maybe it's time to look into Sub Ohm Vaping. Sub Ohm vaping, is to vaporize your E-liquids with an atomiser that has a resistance level of less than 1.0ohms, like the Aspire Atlantis or the KangerTech SubTank. So, why Sub Ohm? Sub Ohm vaping allows for a huge amount of vapour production, and if you have seen any video online of cloud chasing you'll know how cool this is. Another positive aspect of Sub Ohm vaping is how it intensifies the flavour of your favourite E-Juice. Warmer vapour is another aspect of Sub Ohm vaping is the production of warmer vapour as it seems to replicate the experience of a traditional "analogue" cigarette.

There are a few ways to Sub Ohm, the traditional method is to use a Rebuildable Drippng Atomiser also know as a "Dripper", a Rebuildable Tank Atomiser which can hold more liquid than a dripper but still offers the opportunity to wrap your own coils and Sub Ohm Tanks, such as the KangerTech Sub Tank, which are very similar to RTA's but also offer the use of disposable coils for people who do not want to wrap there own. A small amount of caution should be taken with sub ohm vaping, as for anyone who knows a little about electronic engineering that circuits with little to no resistance can explode. That's why we here at Shiva suggest you use a regulated Box mod such as the KangerTech Sub Box which has a certain amount of safety measures in place to provide a safe and joyful experience for its users

What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Basically, when the ohm-rating, or resistance of your atomizer, it increases the power output of the device and creates more vapour. When the resistance is lowered, more ampage is required and the battery/coil will generate more heat. It is very dangerous to exceed the amp limit as this can cause an explosion. This is only a problem with unregulated mechanical mods, and not a problem with regulated units like the KangerTech Sub Box.

Sub Ohm Vs Traditional vaping

Sub Ohm vaporising increases the vapour production, tenfold to that of traditional vaping. Many people also report that the flavour of the vapour is increased, but this can be also affected by the quality of the coil and wicking material.

Some of the downsides of Sub Ohm vaping compared to the traditional way is that the unit's generally vaporise e-juice a lot quicker. This can often be a problem for people who switched from smoking to vaping to save money. Also, because of the increased amp draw, Sub ohm vaping uses more power and drains the battery life a lot quicker and as mentioned above Sub Ohm vaping can be dangerous when using a mechanical mod and if safety precautions are not followed.

Mechanical Mods Vs Regulated Mods

It really comes down to preference when asking this question. Some people, especially those who are interesting in electronics, believe that Mechanical mods are superior because they are generally ergonomically designed, generally more simple and are generally more durable because of the materials they are made from. Others believe that regulated units are better than their mechanical counterparts as they can generally beat their power output without the risks yet the size is usually a lot bigger and they are not as durable.

Is Sub Ohm vaping for me?

If traditional vaping is starting to take it's toll and you are forever pursuing bigger clouds, better taste and warmer vapour then Sub Ohm Vaping is definitely for you but if you like the ease of use of a traditional e-cigarette and are not prepared to spend more on Juice/refills then it may not be for you. If you have a friend who already Sub Ohms then give it a try, we here at Shiva ensure you it's a great experience.