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Acrylic Bongs

If you want to get a big sized bong without spending too much, then Acrylic is the way to go! We offer a huge range of acrylic bongs that are suited for anyone. Each of them has different specialities so you get the biggest choice! Our Acrylic bongs are made from premium acrylic so you can be sure they're going to last for you.

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Acrylic Bongs

Since the 16th century when water pipes were invented in China the habit has spread, and bongs, as they are now called, can be obtained in Europe where they are becoming more popular because they are recognised as a healthier form of smoking. The system of filtering smoke through water and, in some cases ice, takes out some of the toxins which are present in normal cigarette smoking.

Shiva stocks a wide range of bongs, and in their large global inventory there is a sub-range of high quality acrylic bongs which are exquisitely designed and moderately priced and could possibly be the preferred starting product for new bong smokers. Although there are many very attractive glass bongs, the acrylic bongs are sturdier and less liable to shatter. Within the range of acrylic bongs there are five sub-ranges comprising: Black Leaf Ice Bongs, Budget Water pipes, Darkshot Bongs, Eyeball Bongs and a single Vortex Gravity Bong.

All items in these ranges are shown in more detail on the website; however, many different features are included in this group of bongs. There are, for example, travel bongs, compact with folding handles, and ice bongs with a twist in the stem where ice cubes can be placed for further filtering and cooling. Some of the Black Leaf Ice Bongs have not only the ice cube facility but also a two-tier filter system. The use of ice cubes has a further benefit in that they eliminate some tar.

Throughout the acrylic range, the bongs are supplied in a variety of heights and colours and, whether you are new to this form of smoking or an experienced bong user, there is sure to be a model suited to your personal taste.

A range of bong accessories and cleaning materials is also available from the supplier.