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Solid Crew 4-Part Metal Sifter Grinder



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Product Description

Don't let the illuminati-esque All Seeing Eye design fool you, there's no conspiracies here!

Featuring razor sharp shark teeth to shred through any material with ease, the Solid Crew 4-Part Metal Sifter Grinder is a great choice for anyone who is looking for their first sifter grinder.

Constructed from aluminium metal, this grinder consists of 4-parts that join together. The bottom 3 parts screw together, whilst the first part (grinder) connects magnetically to the second part (grinder). The third part down (sifter) not only holds your ground herbs/spices, it also features a fine mesh screen that sieves through the most potent parts. This is then stored in the forth and final part in the form of a fine powder that you can then use, either when your herbs/spices have finished or when you want to add a little extra potency. This grinder also comes included with a small plastic pick located in the lower part to enable users to easy distribute their sifted herbs.

Currently available in three colours:

  • Electric Blue
  • Jet Black
  • OJ Orange

Dimensions: 50mm x 42mm

Content produced on 10/02/2023

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