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Head Chef Large Sifter Grinder



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Product Description


The Head Chef Large Sifter Grinder allows you to grind herbs for regular day-to-day cooking and also has a fantastic function for gathering the most potent particles of your herbs. Once collected, these grains of magic can be used for truly special occasions.

Here's how the Head Chef Large Sifter Grinder works:

  • Grind your herb in the top compartment of your grinder. The extra-tough, diamond shaped teeth will grind your herb into dust with just a few twists. Twisting is smooth and easy due to the magnetised parts.

  • The fine metal mesh that is built into the layer below the grinder only allows the very smallest and finest particles of your herb to fall through to the base compartment. As any top chef will tell you - these particles contain the strongest concentration of herbal properties. Use sparingly!

  • Often the fine particles produced from grinding can lost and wasted in the kitchen. Not so with the Head Chef Large Sifter Grinder: the base compartment is screwed on tightly and once you've collected enough dust there, you can unscrew it and scrape out the particles using a the Head Chef scraper included with this grinder.

You can choose from 2 different Head Chef Large Sifter Grinders:

  • Anodised Red (fine-ribbed aluminium)
  • Chrome (all lightweight metal with a chrome-like sheen)

The Head Chef Large Sifter Grinder stands 39mm high and is 50mm across the top.

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