6 Shooter Revolver Pipe

6 Shooter Revolver Pipe
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Product Description

The 6 Shooter Revolver Pipe is a mean invention that allows you to load up with six different mixes in one pipe! Pack your favourite herb varieties into the six bowls of the 6 Shooter Revolver Pipe and spin them round as you toke. Be prepared for a brain-blowing experience! The perfect gift to yourself or any herb lover.

The 6 Shooter Revolver Pipe has a great weighty feel to it. Made of solid brass and high quality aluminium, you know it will give you many years of toking pleasure. Once you've had a go, you'll keep coming back for that spinning satisfaction! There are so many concoctions to try - we're sure you're up for the challenge!

The extra wide barrel gives you maximum inhalation comfort and all parts are easy to remove for cleaning.

The 6 Shooter Revolver Pipe only needs one screen to go in the screen port.

The 6 Shooter Revolver Pipe comes with an Allen key to secure and remove the central pin that holds the holds 6 bowls.

The 6 Shooter Revolver Pipe is presented in a black felt draw-string pouch which is ideal for you to transport your lovely toy and your necessary ingredients.

You might want screens for this pipe.

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6 Shooter Revolver Pipe has been reviewed 1 times scoring an average 5 out of 5 stars

    • 5 out of 5 Stars

    Darren on 25th September 2012

    Fantastic pipe, honestly the best pipe ever.it is a lifelong item, not a cheap and tacky piece of junk, never blocks up and gives a great smoke no matter the type of plant. You will not be disappointed

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