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Cigarette Holders

Just the word cigarette holder conjures up the image of sophistication and elegance. Whether it is Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Cruella de Ville in 101 Dalmatians cigarette holders are the epitome of elegance.

At Shiva we have a wide range of cigarette holders so whatever your taste you are bound to find something that will suit. Our cigarette holders come in a range of lengths so you can even purchase several to use depending on your mood.

Our 6 inch cigarette holder is perfect either for fancy dress or for that extra special evening out. The 6 inch cigarette holder is black with a pull-back collar that makes ejecting cigarettes easy. Our deluxe wooden cigarette holder is shorter at 3 inches but it does not lack in style. Wood is a naturally occurring product and when polished it brings out the beauty of the wood grain. This little beauty not only looks stylish it also has a practical side with a tar trap in the middle to reduce the number of potentially carcinogenic elements in smoke. So not only will this little cigarette holder make you look cool it will also give you a smoother and cleaner smoke.

The Denicotea cigarette holders are also stylish and functional. These all black holders will add a touch of class to any evening outfit, but you may also like to know that they have a built-in filter which will remove more tar from the smoke, making your smoke healthier. The cigarette holder looks like a normal cigarette holder and can be used as such, but unscrew it in the middle and out pops the filter. The filter can be used until it turns brown whereupon it can be replaced with a new filter. New filters can be purchased at Shiva.