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For those with a taste for ingenious methods of stashing precious but private items away from prying eyes, our miscellaneous stash selection proves that hiding in plain sight is often the best method of all.

Here at Shiva, we believe that everyone has something they prefer to keep private. And our stylish and fiendishly crafty range of high quality Stash products will do that job very effectively. Like our Good Year Wet Wipes Working Stash Container, for example. Flip open the lid and it looks just like what it says on the tin, to borrow a well-known phrase: a tub of all-purpose wet wipes. The kind of thing people often keep in the car. But beneath the lid compartment is a concealed, generously sized chamber where you can stash your valuables.

Or how about a toilet brush that doubles as a secret safe? Proof that hiding in plain sight is often the most effective form of discretion, this humble loo brush comes with a hidden stash chamber with screw-open lid in the base, complete with rubber seal to make it airtight.

For ladies with an eye for camouflaged gizmos, the Lipstick Stash is a must. OK, it doesn't turn into a secret gun or laser. But it does conceal a secret chamber in the body of the lippy-case, which is perfect for hiding precious little items from the nosey parkers in your life.

How many people keep a spare spark plug or two in their toolboxes? If you're one of them, why not invest in our devilishly clever Spark Plug Stash? Just twist the end of the plug and it reveals a secret inner chamber (10mm in girth and 32mm in length). Release your inner James Bond with this cunningly disguised spare part.

Just scan through our stash page and choose the product that most suits your purposes and your tastes in disguise.

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