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Button bags have been used for many years as the best way of selling and buying pick and mix sweets, but the packaging can make the sweets look unprofessional and cheap. To make your business look more professional, you want the smartest and most premium looking sweets on the market. This is where jars and tins come in to play.

The Pressitin can be considered as the most appealing in this light because you can fully seal the tin. This gives the consumer a feeling of quality and freshness. Once opened, the tins come with a lid so you can keep the freshness of your sweets. Pop Tops are similarly well designed and are very cost-efficient.

You can often charge more for your sweets in Jars than button bags because of this sense of premium and quality. Even if your sweets aren't the best on the market, these tins and jars will make them seem it.

One of the most important differences is that jars and tins minimise the smell. They do this much better than button bags.

Push 'N' Turn Jars are the best for keeping your sweets secure so you can monitor how much sugar your kids have instead of them nicking any!