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There's a little secret we at Shiva know about ornate wooden boxes (you know, the kind you find adorning tastefully appointed living rooms): they make great stash chambers for the little treasures you'd prefer to keep private and shielded from prying eyes.

No need to saw a hole in the floorboards beneath the carpet. Just take a look at our beautiful range of hand-carved wooden stash boxes. Featuring exquisite carvings and engravings, they'll not only add a dash of classy style to the plainest of living spaces, they'll secretly shield your precious private items from inquisitive peepers, too.

As you'll see with a quick glance through our selection, we offer three-in-one assortments so that you'll have a range of stash sizes to use. Like the splendid 3 in 1 Lotus Flower Boxes, with their glorious lotus flower carvings and inner compartments in Large, Medium and Small sizes. The lovely dark wood adorned with finely cut metal ornaments wouldn't look out of place in a medieval monastery, but they also look fabulous in a living room.

Choose from a range of carving designs according to what floats your boat, from the simple but elegant Om and Pentagram boxes to the intricate but pleasing Celtic Quaternary and Hand Carved Floral sets, or the delightfully antique-looking Standing Apothecary box.

While there's something strangely delicious about an object that draws the eye because of its beauty but safely conceals private contents, those with more functional and simple tastes might prefer our range Original Roll Tray range.

Just because something is simple in appearance doesn't stop it from being beautiful, as our Wolf T1 Deluxe Roll Tray in gleaming maple wood amply demonstrates. Compact and portable, it features tabs to hold rolling papers and all the compartments you need to craft the perfect roll-up. Why not explore the range?