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Luxury Humidor

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Product Description

The Luxury Humidor is made from beautifully stained dark wood polished to a fine finish.

Humidor open front view

Humidors are used around the world by cigar smokers in order to keep their cigars tasting great and staying fresh. The wood interior soaks up water and keeps cigars moist and at their best.

Conditioning your Humidor!

Before you put any cigars into your Humidor, be sure to condition the inside of it to maintain a humid environment for your premium cigars. If you don't, then as the Humidor acclimatises to a humid environment, and it will rob your cigars of moisture.

To prevent this from happening, follow these simple directions:

  1. Fill the Regulator with approximately one ounce of distilled water. The Regulator is located on the inside of the lid next to the hygrometer (numbered gauge).

  2. We do not recommend wiping the interior of the humidor with water as some may suggest to you. Wiping the surface of the interior with water will "lift the grain" of the wood making the surface rough and possibly create surface "checking" of the wood.

  3. Close the Humidor and let it sit empty for several hours allowing the moisture to be absorbed into Spanish Cedar lining of the humidor.

  4. Repeat the above process several times, leaving a few hours between each time.

Humidor open top view

Once the Humidor has been prepared follow these instructions to use the Luxury Humidor:

  1. Apply distilled water through the back of the humidifer until it becomes completely saturated and the water begins to overflow. Continue until the humidifier is completely full.

  2. Dry off the humidifier and let it sit on a paper towel for about an hour to be sure no more water drips out the front. Replace the humidifier into the Luxury Humidor and you are ready to go!

You will need to refill the water in your humidifier about once every two to three weeks, or whenever the humidity in the Humidor drops below 70%.

When filling the humidification unit, it is important to use distilled water, which is chemical and additive free, ensuring no foreign smells or flavours permeate into your cigars.

Also, about once every 4-5 months, you will need to use a solution like "Cigar Fresh 50-50" fluid to put back into the humidification unit the essential chemical which maintains the 70% humidity needed to keep cigars fresh.

Depending for the size of your Humidor, it will take approximately 10 to 20 days for your humidor to become fully conditioned.

Humidor details

Content produced on 26/04/2017

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