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Cigar Accessories

Cigar Accessories

Keeping cigars fresh is vital, so we offer a range of products so you can keep your cigars as fresh and flavoursome as possible! From our Luxury Humidor box to the Humidifier Unit, we have a way of keeping your cigars the perfect way even if you're on the move!

As any cigar enthusiast knows, keeping your cigars fresh and ready for when you want to smoke them can be a chore. Thankfully, here at Shiva we have a range of cigar accessories which are specially designed to keep your expensive smokes in tip top condition.

The best way to keep your cigars fresh is to use a humidifier; these units allow a small amount of moisture into the storage box that helps keep the cigars fresh and stops them from drying out. If you already have a box for your cigars then we would recommend getting one of our inexpensive humidifier units; these small humidifiers are designed to release the right amount of moisture into the box and are really simple to use.

For those that are serious collectors our luxury humidor is a great choice. This stylish wooden box not only looks great, but it will also keep your cigars fresh for when you need them.