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Mix N Blitz Grinders

Our range of Blitz grinders is stylish and extremely heavy duty. Each model in this range is made from durable and hard wearing aluminium and is available in a variety of stylish colours. These metal grinders are guaranteed to rip and tear your herbs and spices into tiny pieces, ensuring that you get the best flavour and textures possible from your culinary delights.

Models include the Mix n Blitz two part grinder, the five part Pollen Mix n Blitz sifter grinder, the Mix n Blitz aromatherapy press and the 50mm Pollen Blitz grinder and press combo set.

Blitz grinders are available in either a two part grinder or as a four part sifter grinder; in three different sizes. They are a firm favourite and are extremely durable with their aluminium teeth, which give consistently great results. Mix n Blitz grinders channel the power of magnets and combine their superb design in achieving their great results whereas the Mix n Blitz aromatherapy press is a little different in purpose - but a must for those who grind and store their ingredients for future use. This handy device transforms the residue from your herbs and petals into solid matter, which can be safely and hygienically stored for your future culinary or aromatherapy use. Simply take out a pin from the presser, place your desired substance in the middle, pop the pin back in and screw the lid on. Leave overnight and voila your matter will have fused by the morning.

Combining durability, practicality and a wide range of colours; there is almost certainly a grinder in the Blitz range to suit every pocket and every personality.