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Mix N Blitz

Mix N Blitz provides a range of tobacco or smoking herb grinders, and snuff accessories. The Mix N Blitz grinders come in a range of colours, featuring interlocking swirls on the exterior to give them added distinctiveness. The grinders are heavy duty and made from durable aluminium. They shred your herbs and spices into tiny fragments bringing out the best flavour for your smoking experience.

Mix N Blitz grinders come in three different sizes. You can buy a two-part grinder or a four-part sifter grinder. They use magnetism and a carefully designed set of grinding teeth to give you the best possible shredding results. You can also invest in the Mix N Blitz aromatherapy press, which condenses your shredded herbs and spices into a solid mass, which you can store after it has fused.

The Mix N Blitz 4 Part Sifter Grinder is available in a 40mm, 50mm and 56mm version. The grinder is made from four parts. The top two layers have sharp grinding teeth that pulverise your herbs. The third layer has a fine mesh filter that sifts your herbs to extract the most fragrant parts. The final, fourth layer collects the best, shredded herbs and spices.