Zydot – cleanse your system

Zydot provides a range of products to cleanse your system of toxins absorbed from alcohol, smoking and other substances. Even if you lead a healthy lifestyle, it is impossible to avoid absorbing toxins from the food you eat and the environment.

Independent double blind studies have proven that Zydot products are highly effective in cleansing your system of toxins.

How Zydot works

Unlike some other detox systems that simply mask the toxins so they are undetectable in tests, Zydot genuinely helps expel toxins from the body. It works by physically bonding with the toxins and impurities and expelling them through urination.

Zydot products are made from natural ingredients, so they will not leave behind any impurities of their own.

Detox your way

Zydot produces a large range of products so that you can detox in the way you choose. Zydot Euro Blend is available in three flavours and will quickly detox your system for 4 – 5 hours. During this time, your body gets a chance to rest and repair.

If you feel toxins and impurities are weighing down your hair, try Zydot Ultra Clean – a revolutionary hair care system that will penetrate your hair to remove impurities as well as leaving your hair looking cleansed and shiny.