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Grace Glass

Based in Amsterdam and established in 2010, Grace Glass are a highly motivated glass company with the aim to produce and deliver the absolute best glass paraphernalia available!

The Grace glass 5mm honeycomb diffuser oil rig is a highly functional and beautifully designed oil rig by Grace Glass Bongs. The rig comes with a glass oil nail attachment and regular bowl for use with a variety of herbs. This means you can enjoy herbs and oil based smoking experiences using the same diffuser oil rig without having to buy two separate bongs.

The first thing you notice about the honeycomb diffuser oil rig is its wonderful look. It is designed with a heavy focus on its glass apparatus, giving it a sleek and smooth look and feel. The individual parts of the oil rig are fitted to the main part with discrete glass handles and connectors.

Its broad and round base gives the whole piece a strong stability. This means you can use the oil rig without having to worry too much about it falling over or toppling while you are enjoying your smoking experience. The glass is 5mm, making it durable and sturdy enough for everyday use. As a whole, this elegantly designed Grace Glass piece is not only high quality, but high style as well. More than just an oil rig, it also adds to the décor of the home and is sure to be a talking point.