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Smoking - a well-respected brand among connoisseurs. Made in Spain since 1879, Smoking fine quality papers are watermarked for quality assurance.

If you are looking for high quality rolling papers, Smoking offers a selection of products that has been expanded and improved since the company was formed in 1879. You can choose from rice paper, pure hemp or unbleached, all of which are watermarked to ensure you can be confident you are purchasing a genuine premium Smoking product.

The Smoking range is comprised of the following products.

Unbleached – Brown and Brown King Size
Rice – Gold, Gold Slims, Deluxe, Master King Size and Blue Pure Hemp – Eco Slims and Greens

The papers can be purchased in a variety of quantities depending on the particular product. They include boxes of 24 or 50 rolls, individual 4m long rolls or packs of 33 leaves.

Types of rolling paper from Smoking

Unbleached – the first rolling papers were made from wood pulp and remain popular today. However, in order to achieve the white colour, additives, in the form of bleaching chemicals, are required. At Smoking only the entirely natural unbleached papers are used. This type of paper is easy to roll and smokers of ready-made cigarettes will be familiar with the experience.

Rice paper – the advantage of this type of paper is that tends to be slower burning than other papers and is thinner. You have the option of purchasing papers that are entirely natural or which contain additives. The only real downside of rice paper is that if you are inexperienced it can be tricky to roll, due to its low-friction properties.

Hemp - one of the key benefits of Hemp rolling paper, especially if you are concerned about the environment, is that unlike other papers, many of which are made from trees, it uses fibre sourced from the hemp plant. The paper has a taste that only slightly affects that of the substance being smoked and is easy to roll