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Stink Sack

Avoid unpleasant and pungent odours with these smell-proof baggies from Stink Sack

This super practical range of smell-proof Stink Sack baggies is the ideal way to stop strong odours from leaking out into your home, wallet, bag or pockets. They are available in a wide range of different choices, styles, and sizes – from the smallest ten baggy packs to the largest two-gallon containers. These odour resistant baggies are made out of extremely durable puncture resistant plastic, so there is no need to worry about accidentally piercing them on sharp objects in your rucksack or chest of drawers, for example.

These Stink Sack baggies are a practical way to keep fragile substances dry, protected, and safe – if you pick up the right size baggie for your requirements you should be able to carry just about anything in it. The baggies on offer at Shiva are available in clear, black, white, or a range of humorous designs.

Once properly sealed with the plastic Ziploc-style attachment at the top of the container, these Stink Sack baggies are completely odour resistant and will not let dirt, dust, water, or any other foreign body anywhere near the substance that you are trying to safeguard. In other words, once it is in the bag, it is completely protected.