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The Cannabuds Collection

The Cannabuds Collection

The global passion for cannabis is the impetus behind national political reform. In recent years, the legalisation of marijuana has prompted a new trend in hemp products. The introduction of Cannabuds Collection Cannabuds coincides with the celebration of legal pot smoking in holiday destinations such as Montevideo, Portland, and Seattle.

Collect an archetype of toke

Cannabuds cast of characters depict archetypes of getting high. Smoking aficionados partaking in a daily dab of sticky green can collect the mirror image of their own face in these anti-angry get fun daddies stamped on key rings and magnets made of PVC.

Weather resistant and always ready for pleasure, the Cannabuds Collection Cannabuds is the perfect gift for someone sold on getting high on someone else’s supply. Dreams of purple haze and halcyon days all rolled into one, these incredibly cute critters remind us to take a load off.

Product features

Cannabuds magnets stick to a refrigerator or metal cabinet used to store your stash. How about a matching key ring to code the lock? Cannabuds characters are also prepared to take care of an entire collection of designated users. Simple, silly, and seriously stupid in tone, Cannabuds are the intelligent smoker’s troll.