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Bubble Bag

Shiva markets a variety of bubble bags and full extraction kits. They come in a choice of sizes that allow you to enjoy the best possible yield from your crop.

The selection of bubble bags available for you to purchase includes:

Bubble Bags Lite 4 Bag Kit

This kit is ideal for those working on a low budget. It includes a 220-micron work bag, 160-micron contaminant bag, 73 and 25-micron collection bags, a storage pouch for bubble bags and 2 blotting screens.

Bubble Bags Lite 8 Bag Kit

The 8-bag kit has the same contents as the 4-bag kit, with additional features such as 5 crystal collection bags of differing sizes (25 to 120 micron).

Bubble Bag - 5 Gallon 4 Bag Kit

A cold-water filtration system offering 4 different layers of filtration, it allows you to get the best from your crop while eradicating any waste. Suitable for a 4-gallon bucket, the kit also includes pressing screens and carrying pouch as well as 220 micron, 160 micron, 73 and 25 micron bags. Also included in the range are the Bubble Bag Medium 3 Bag Kit and Bubble Bag 8 Bag Kit, both for 5-gallon buckets.