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You need a lighter, so why not go for a well-known brand such as Clipper? Clipper lighters have been mentioned in songs and a novel, and even featured in art creations by Damien Hirst. Stockists of a large range, Shiva also has this version of the famous brand on offer.

One of the most famous and iconic brands of cigarette lighter in the world, Clippers have made it into the higher echelons of popular culture because of their sheer everywhereness. Did you know that the UK garage artists The Streets adopted the Clipper lighter as their logo on their album covers? Or that musician Ed Sheeran mentions the Clipper in his song Drunk? Or that the internationally renowned artist Damien Hirst used images of Clipper lighters in a series of his creations? Theres even been a novel about one: authors Anna Hyndman and Graeme Milne penned a story featuring a Clipper lighter as the main character telling his life story.

They may be everywhere, but weve got two especially unique versions of the brand on offer here at Shiva. Unpretentious but eye-catchingly stylish, the Deluxe Metal Clipper introduces a new generation of Clipper lighters, nestled inside a snazzy metal presentation box. Considerably more durable than the classic plastic clippers, these metal lighters come in a range of finishes, including Metallic Chocolate (doesnt that just whet your curiosity?), Metallic Mocha, Metallic Purple, Metallic Blue, Brushed Chrome and Chrome. Theyre not only distinctly on the chic and swanky end of the spectrum, theyre functional too. Deluxe Metal Clippers come with a new adjustable flame feature - especially useful if youre attempting to ignite a big cigar or something that takes a little extra wellie to get started.

And for those of you have lost more lighters than you care to remember, weve got a rather cheeky solution. The Cheeky One Clipper Holder on Lanyard, to be precise. Cleverly fashioned by designers at Cheeky One, these holders feature a branded lanyard to slip around your neck and a snazzy metallic holder to slide your Clipper Lighter snugly and safely into.

The Deluxe Metal Clipper isn’t just any old lighter; it comes complete with its own metal presentation tin. You also have a choice of these prestigious Clipper lighters in Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Metallic Mocha, Metallic Chocolate, Metallic Purple or Metallic Blue.

These Deluxe Metal Clipper lighters also steal a march on the brand’s famed classic version. Firstly, the flame is adjustable, which can be an advantage if you want to light a big cigar. This metal version is also much more durable and will last you longer.

Lost lighters can be a real pain, but there is a solution with the Deluxe Metal Clipper, as there is the Cheeky One Clipper Holder on Lanyard to help you keep it secure around your neck. By buying the Deluxe Metal Clipper from Shiva, not only will you own a lighter that is well made and highly efficient, but also one that is stylish and chic.

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