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Here you can find a selection of High Quality Zippo Lighters, Zippo Style Lighters and Zippo Accessories.

You might not feel like parting with over £10,000 for a cigarette lighter, but thats what youd need to cough up if you wanted to own an 18-carat solid gold Zippo. Thankfully, you dont need to be a Texas oil billionaire to afford one of these iconic lighters, which have been manufactured since 1933 and are today instantly recognized all over the world. We have a glittering array of them on offer at Shiva, including some impressive lookalikes, at far, far lower prices.

Whether your loyalties lie with Scotland, England, Wales, Great Britain as a whole or the USA, theres an arrestingly eye-catching Zippo lighter for you in our Zippo Flag Design range (theres even a classic English Bulldog design). Release your inner patriot every time you light a candle or a ciggy. All Zippo lighters come with a two-year warranty and an instruction leaflet.

Most people who are drawn to the elegant design lines of the Zippo range dont want to part with their beautiful lighter when wear and tear takes its toll. Thanks to our range of Zippo accessories, you never have to. Need a new flint or a Zippo-compatible refill canister? A new wick? We have them all. We even have a Zippo Pocket Ashtray for the considerate smoker who doesnt want to leave a trail of ash and cigarette butts behind while on the move.

Then there is our stylish assortment of Zippo Style lighters. These lighters, manufactured by the Bomblighter brand, bear a striking resemblance to the classic Zippo designs and come in a kaleidoscope of different styles (no fewer than 33 to be precise, each one of them real bobby-dazzlers). As with the Zippo brand, theyre all windproof and guaranteed for life.

For those with nostalgic leanings toward 1960s psychedelia, take a visual trip with our incandescent Zippo Style Psychedelic range of lighters.