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Zippo Lighters

It seems a little superfluous to offer an introduction for the lighter that needs no introduction, but here goes anyway. The world-famous Zippo lighter range has been manufactured since 1933 and its recognized and loved across the planet. Timelessly classic and ravishingly elegant in design, all Zippo lighters are windproof and come with a lifetime guarantee. And although the top of the range 18-carat solid gold model would set you back over £10,000, the range we offer here at Shiva is, thankfully, far more modestly priced.

The sensuously shaped and ultra-stylish Vintage Highly Polished Chrome Zippo or its near-identical twin, the Vintage Striped Highly Polished Chrome Zippo with its subtle engraved lines, will only set you back £25.99. However, if thats still too high a price for those who just want a serviceable but stylish lighter, you can have a windproof Zippo Style lighter in chrome in your pocket for under a fiver.

Zippos have a distinctive shape of course but, as youll see from a quick glance at our range, they come in a dazzling variety of styles, from the striking Brushed Chrome England Flag and Brushed Chrome Union Jack designs, to the elegantly slender Slim Highly Polished Chrome Zippo and the rugged Armor Case Zippo in Brushed or Brushed Chrome. If extreme shine takes your fancy, take a look at the slenderest Zippo in the range, the Slim Highly Polished Chrome Zippo.

For smokers who dont like the effects of butane gas when they light up, Zippo has come up with a next generation lighter that dispenses with unwanted odours and tastes completely: the superb Zippo BLU Shadow. As the name implies, the attractive windproof flame flaring from these lighters is distinctly blue - and most importantly, on ignition its odourless and tasteless (in the best possible sense of the word).