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Jet Flame Lighters

Jet flame lighters have many uses but are particulary useful for lighting at awkward angles. For example, they come in very handy for lighting bong bowls as you can aim the flame downwards towards the bowl making it much easier to light. The same applies to lighting candles or they can even be used for culinary purposes such as getting that crispy top on your creme brulee.

We offer a range of powerful jet flame torches so you can make the right choice for you. The average jet torch provides one big flame, but we also offer jet torches with two or three flames too. If you are using these torches for dabbing, there are several ways of getting the perfect hit.

Low Temp and High Temp

Temperature is one of the most important things when you are dabbing. When using torches, there are two ways of achieving this. If you want a hot dab, we advise getting the biggest flamed jet torch you can like the Blazer Big Shot. The flame will heat up the nail quickly, and you can drop your oil in and get that hot hit very quickly.

Alternatively, you can low temp. This means you drop your oil in when the nail isn't that hot. This results in a smoother hit. There are two ways of achieving this. First, you can choose a big flame like the Big Shot of the Stingray. These will heat the nail up quickly and once the nail is hot, you leave it for a minute to cool down. The other way is to choose a less powerful flame like the Prolight Double Jet Lighter or the Triple Pocket Torch and heat it gradually. In many ways, the less powerful torches are more suited for low temp dabs. You can even drop your oil in when your nail is cold and slowly heat it with the Triple Pocket and the Double Jet while you are taking the hit.

E-Nail vs Torch

E-Nails are a wonderful investment, but they are just that, an investment. We recommend researching if you are thinking of getting an E-Nail because there are lots on the market are very poorly made. The main benefit of an E-Nail is to have a controlled temperature. Torches don't offer the same level of control, but after a few dabs, you can start to get to know what temperature works best for you. Torches are very easy to use and are a far more cost effective way of heating your nail.

If you do decide on an E-Nail, we recommend the Dabbie Dab Station Hybrid Quartz E-Nail.


These torches can also be used for the Dynavap products though we very much recommend only using the less powerful ones. Either the Triple Pocket or the Double Jet from Prolight would work best for your vaping experience. Make sure you rotate your Dynavap when heating the cap and always respect the click to avoid combustion!

Happy Dabbing Adventures!